Could Ryan Nassib Move Up New York Giants' Depth Chart?

By Steve Ungrey
Ryan Nassib Giants
William Perlman — USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some football?

Many fans across the country were ready for this game ever since the final gun of Super Bowl XLVIII sounded. Of course, it’s just the Hall of Fame Game and this game comes nowhere close to deciding who the starters will be for the regular season.

One thing New York Giants fans have to ask right now is this: Does Ryan Nassib have a chance to overtake Curtis Painter for No. 2 on the quarterback depth chart?

Nassib, a second-year player out of Syracuse, is listed as third on the official Giants’ depth chart, but coaches indicate he has grasped the offense quickly and could be a solid second signal-caller behind Eli Manning.

Manning, in his first game back from ankle surgery in the offseason, only played for one quarter and looked sharp in completing six of seven passes. Nassib then came in and threw for 139 yards, including a 73-yard touchdown strike to rookie Corey Washington.

Keep in mind this is all just the first game. A lot will change between now and the September kickoff of the regular season. Nassib faced the second-string defense of the Buffalo Bills, but Nassib’s TD strike was a huge part of the 17-13 win.

Nassib will likely get more reps as the summer preseason goes along. Manning’s ankle surgery has awakened the team to the reality that Manning won’t be around for much longer. He has a few more years of good life left in him, but eventually Manning will have to yield the playbook to someone else.

Painter has shown signs of being a decent backup QB but that’s about it. Much like Jim Sorgi held the clipboard for Eli’s older brother, Peyton Manning, all those years with the Indianapolis Colts, Painter will likely be a backup with little more than a passing chance to mop up in games.

If Nassib doesn’t start in New York, it could be for another team down the road.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin had to like what he saw Sunday night out of his team, but there are still some issues. Running back David Wilson may be finished due to injuries, throwing the team’s rushing game into doubt. The receiving and passing seem to be okay.

Games like these are meant to solidify the depth chart. Quarterback looks all right for the time being, and the Giants have Nassib to thank for it.

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