Green Bay Packers Make Right Move Retiring Brett Favre's Number

By Nick Villano
Brett Favre Green Bay Packers
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Brett Favre became a star with the Green Bay Packers in his 17 years under center. He broke almost every quarterback record there was. He was the Cal Ripken Jr. of football, playing an astronomical 321 straight starts (including the postseason). Peyton Manning is second on that list with 227. It showed how he was an ironman, and that he was the man for the job for the Packers.

Favre was brought in to the organization in 1992 when the Atlanta Falcons traded him for a first-round pick. The pick was extra for the Packers, as they held their own and the Philadelphia Eagles pick. That trade immediately paid dividends as Favre started 15 games that year and threw for eighteen touchdowns.

It took one season for Favre to end the Packers’ 10-year playoff drought. After the team saw four different starting QBs in the two years prior, Favre brought stability to a franchise that had been in disarray since the merger. Now they are looked at as one of the best franchises in sports. One that is owned by the community of Green Bay.

It is no secret that Favre’s exit from the Packers was a sloppy one. He wanted to play a few more seasons, but the team wanted to move on with Aaron Rodgers. He ended up getting traded to the New York Jets for a third-round pick. It looked like he was the same guy who broke every passing record. Then he got injured, and his stats fell. After that season, he led everyone on a trip once again that headlined Sportscenter for five months. Even when there was no news, everyone was talking about Favre. It all ended with him signing a two-year contract with the rival Minnesota Vikings.

That is all in the past now. Favre is retired for good (we can all hope). Even the biggest Favre detractor can’t say he didn’t bring everything to this franchise.

Nobody should ever wear the No. 4 again. That will forever be Brett Favre.

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