Michael Vick is a Great Backup for the New York Jets in 2014, But He's No Starter

By Vinny Lanni
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The newly acquired Michael Vick is a heck of a lot fun to watch when he’s on the field, but if he sees the field with the New York Jets, that means they are in trouble. There is no denying that Vick helped dual-threat quarterbacks find a place in the NFL. He can do things that the great Tom Brady can’t do, but there is a reason why he is not mentioned in the same breathe as Brady, he’s just not a pure thrower and isn’t Super Bowl QB. Vick use to be a great quarterback in the league, but his time is up and Geno Smith‘s time is now.

Smith is the QB the Jets need under center right now and I commend them for giving him all of the first-team reps of late. He is the guy who can be the starter five years down the road; Vick isn’t going to be that guy. Smith needs to learn with this group of young Jets so they can build chemistry and build for the future and not live in the moment just because Vick is on the team.

Vick is going to be there to push Smith and help him when he has a bad game and needs advice, but the Jets don’t need Vick to do more than that. If Vick takes over the starting job in New York, that only means that the Geno Smith era is coming to an end; it doesn’t mean that the Vick era is about to begin because he is not the answer. If Smith’s struggles continue, I’m not saying that the Jets should keep throwing him out there, but Vick should not see the field unless the Jets desperately need him. Vick has a career QB rating of 80.9 and if that was compared to the 2013 list of quarterback ratings, he would be above Kellen Clemens at 78.8 and just under Matt Cassel‘s 81.6.

None of this matters if Smith plays well and silences everyone who wants Michael Vick, but if the latter gets his chance, that means that the Jets are in trouble. Let’s hope that Smith stays on the field because that means the New York Jets are doing well in 2014.

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