Michael Vick Won't Lose Confidence as New York Jets' No. 2 QB in Preseason Opener

By Sabrina Robinson
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen it before: the sulking QB standing on the sideline, realization sinking in that he’ll be pegged as the second stringer in a matter of weeks. All of his hard work in training camp, hours spent studying the playbook and sweat spilled in the gym have only helped him to get the second place medal. A sadness akin to teenage angst begins to set in, cementing the young man in a mental slump of self doubt. Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy, Terrelle Pryor and Brady Quinn are all examples of QBs who were slowly cast off of the top podium reserved for starters. Sanchez never recovered from the rejection.

But will Michael Vick succumb to the same fate? I say nay! The key difference between someone like Sanchez and someone like Vick is maturity. Vick is a grown man and an accomplished league veteran. He also knows what it feels like to be at the bottom. Vick had to work his way back into the league after two years out of it, and he did that with poise and determination.

Oh, and another thing; this is only preseason, and the first game of the preseason at that. I’m not saying that Vick will become the New York Jets‘ starting QB either early on or at all this season, but you definitely won’t ever see him sniffling about being the second string. Vick has nerves of steel, and he knows that he’ll be the best darn second stringer in the league if he’s in that position. So if Vick is fated to stand on the sideline, then he’ll do it with his chin up.

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