New England Patriots Rumors: Darrelle Revis Contract Extension May Not Be As Beneficial As It Sounds

By Will Gellman
Darrelle Revis
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Darrelle Revis came to the New England Patriots this offseason, it was hailed as a unanimous game-changing move by NFL fans across the globe. So far in training camp he has been as advertised, intercepting Tom Brady multiple times and bringing a physical tone to the Patriots’ secondary they haven’t had in a long time along with Brandon Browner.

Now, reports have surfaced today from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report regarding a possible contract extension for Revis. However, the Patriots should be careful what they wish for extending him. While Revis has looked very good in camp, it is just training camp. There has been a long list of players who have come to New England and looked great in camp. Remember Brandon Lloyd? He had a fantastic camp the year he was with the Pats. Even Ras-I Dowling had eye-popping camps when he was in NE.

Now obviously Revis was much better than these players in his prime (and still is today), but after struggling a year ago and with a history of hamstring and knee injuries, it would be smart for the Patriots to hold off for now. Despite looking good in practice, the Pats should wait to see what he can do in the regular season before discussing an extension.

Besides the risk of injury, there is also age to consider with a possible Revis extension. Revis is 29 years old, and a possible extension might not give the Pats the long-term returns they are hoping for. If the Pats were to lock him up for five more years just to give an example, they would be locked into a big money deal until he is 34.

As we all know, cornerbacks in the league usually start declining after they reach 30. In his mid-30s Revis will not be the same player he is now; it’s biology folks. He will be slower, and he will probably be more prone to injury as he gets older.

The Patriots should not be thinking about a contract extension for Revis right now. At the very least, they should wait until the middle of the season to look at extending him. Revis will still want top dollar, and signing him long-term might end with buyer’s remorse for the Patriots.

At the end of the day, the corners who are getting big extensions like Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Joe Haden etc. are much younger and have more in the tank than Revis. The Pats would be better off signing a short-term extension with Revis or perhaps, franchise tagging him after next season.

Patriots fans may be excited about a potential Revis extension, but the hype will almost certainly outweigh the production on the field, especially in the future.

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