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New York Jets Right To Name Geno Smith Starting QB For First Preseason Game

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The media loves controversy and a good headline, but the New York Jets didn’t want anymore buzz surrounding the quarterback position. Rex Ryan came out on Tuesday and said that the Jets’ quarterback job will belong to Geno Smith as the preseason kicks off on Aug. 7, and it was the right move.

For the Jets, their players and the fanbase, I’m sure there was a collective sigh of relieve knowing that — at least for now — the Jets have a stable guy under center this season. Smith still has to prove himself during the preseason, so it’s not like the competition is completely over, but for now the storm at the quarterback position may be down to a light drizzle.

Did the Jets make the right choice? Absolutely.

Smith deserves one more chance at leading this new Jets’ offense to the playoffs in 2014. It’s easy to forget that Smith was a rookie last season, and it’s very hard for a rookie to jump into the NFL and put up starting-quarterback-like numbers right away. Michael Vick will always be there if Smith stumbles or isn’t able to prove himself in year two, but Smith deserves a fair second chance.

Now that quarterback position is settled — for now — the Jets can focus on rebuilding the offense and trying to take it to an elite level. Having a steady QB under center makes life easier for everyone: the running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and heck even the defense. Just knowing that there is a certainty and one true leader at the position takes away the doubt from week to week and the constant questions that may pop up like: Is this the week that Vick takes over? Since there are no more questions, Smith finally gets a full offseason as the No. 1 guy for the Jets and some time to develop and build chemistry with his new offense.

The Jets have made some questionable moves in its past, but this is one I am on board with. Hopefully Smith can play well this season and prove that he is the right choice for the job.

Vinny Lanni is a New York Jets writer for He also adds to the site’s NBA, MLB and NFL content. Follow him on Twitter or add him to your network on Google. 

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