New York Jets Wise Not To Repeat Tim Tebow Mistake With Michael Vick

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Quarterback Michael Vick is still known for his incredible speed and ability to make big plays in the heat of the moment. He has a knack for getting big yards not only through the air but also on the ground with his running abilities. Knowing this, shouldn’t the New York Jets try to have a successful Wildcat option using Vick to his strengths like they did with Tim Tebow in the past?

Absolutely not.

Most fans of the Jets cringe every single time they hear the name Tebow. The once polarizing quarterback of the NFL pretty much ended his professional football career the moment he was acquired by the Jets. Both sides were excited about the possibilities due to Tebow’s speed, arm strength and ability to make plays out of nowhere. Only problem is he was inconsistent and brought more bad than good on offense.

The Tebow experiment will go down as one of the most embarrassing failures in team history. It was just downright laughable every time the Jets deployed a Wildcat formation featuring Tebow as quarterback and Mark Sanchez as a wide receiver in an effort to confuse defenders.

The only thing that was confusing were the actual plays themselves. It obviously didn’t work since most defenses had a field day creating sacks, turnovers and a loss of yards at almost every chance they had when they saw both athletes on the field at the same time trying to run those silly plays.

A wise decision was made by the Jets to make sure they didn’t repeat history by keeping things traditional at quarterback. Geno Smith will be the undisputed starting quarterback for the Jets this season, and he won’t be replaced unless it’s due to injury or a major decline in play. Vick is his backup and won’t be brought into offense for any “special” plays to run the football or anything like that. This is a refreshing approach considering what everyone endured just a few years ago.

It’s good to see the Jets are learning from the past to avoid problems in the future. They knew not to repeat the circus attention they garnered during the entire Tebow situation with these kinds of ideas and instead have everyone focused on winning football games which is what matters most.

Most importantly, Vick can focus on mentoring and developing Smith towards a bright future — not worry about Wildcat formations.

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