Rahim Moore Defines Perseverance With Denver Broncos

By Sean Walsh
The Return of Rahim Moore: Denver Broncos 2014
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To say the least, safety Rahim Moore of the Denver Broncos has had a difficult career since being drafted by the Broncos in the second round in 2011. Moore has recorded 148 tackles, four interceptions and one sack in his career. However, the numbers do not tell what Moore has had to endure during his short time in Denver.

Throughout his career, Moore has shown potential that he can be a solid starting safety in the NFL. Unfortunately, there were two moments that tested the will, soul, determination and character of Moore.

With less than one minute left in a divisional playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens in the 2012 season, it seemed to be a certainty that the Broncos would win leading the game by seven. It was at that time that Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco threw a 70-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jacoby Jones. It was a play in which Moore may have been able to deflect the pass if he had ran all the way with Jones, but he appeared to put himself in position to make a game-winning interception. As a result of the error, the Ravens beat the Broncos in double overtime 38-35.

After that horrific loss, people learned a bit about the character of Moore. The young safety was on the verge of tears speaking with the media and took full responsibility for the loss. Moore could have blamed cornerback Champ Bailey for getting beat on two long touchdown passes. Moore could have also blamed head coach John Fox for his conservative play-calling at the end. Finally, Moore could have even blamed quarterback Peyton Manning for the bad interception he threw in overtime. However, the second-year player put the loss squarely on himself, and that shows character.

The second moment in Moore’s career in which he was tested was much more serious than just blown coverage in a playoff game. In a pivotal Week 11 regular season home game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2013 season, Moore never returned to the field after the first quarter due to a leg injury. It was later that night that Moore was in so much pain that he went to Sky Ridge Medical Center and was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome. To make a long story short, doctors told Moore that if he did not come in until the next day they would have had to amputate his left leg. Doctors also told Moore that if he waited even longer to come in that he may have died.

Needless to say, Moore did not play any more games for the Broncos in the 2013 season. Moore spent his time rehabbing with a strong will and determination to come back ready for the 2014 season. Perhaps the best thing about the Broncos’ first depth chart is the one spot that is the most overlooked. Moore is the starting free safety for the Broncos.

It takes guts, character, will, soul and determination for any person to overcome what Moore has been through during the past two seasons. Hopefully, Moore’s toughness both as a person and a player will turn him into one of the best at his position in the NFL.

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