Cleveland Browns Hopeful Josh Gordon Will Only Be Suspended 8 Games

By Michael Terrill
Josh Gordon
Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns understand that wide receiver Josh Gordon could very well be gone for the season due to a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

However, they also are hopeful that the league and Gordon can reach a settlement that will allow him to only be suspended eight games, according to sources. Considering Gordon is currently awaiting a decision on his appeal, it is certainly a good possibility that an agreement can come to fruition.

It should be noted that the Browns are optimistic but also realistic. They completely understand that there is a good chance Gordon will miss the entire 2014 season. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with hoping that their best player can beat the odds and serve just half of his original suspension.

Gordon is sticking to his story that second-hand marijuana smoke is what caused him to fail his drug test. Unfortunately, the NFL does not care how the smoke enters a player’s body. All they care about is if the drug test fails. Even if Gordon did not inhale the smoke intentionally, he was still responsible for putting himself in a situation that had bad ramifications.

On top of that, it certainly does not help his case that he was arrested on suspicion of DWI a few weeks ago. That alone could be the driving factor behind why the suspension should be upheld. I would not be surprised if that is the reason why Cleveland is fully prepared to not have Gordon for the entire season, despite placing him on the recently updated depth chart as a starter.

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