Denver Broncos' 2014 Preseason Meeting With Seattle Seahawks Not About Revenge

By Sean Walsh
 Denver Broncos and the Revenge Factor:  Denver Broncos 2014 Preseason
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On Thursday night, the preseason officially begins for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos as they meet at Sports Authority Field and Mile High. Do not overhype this game and think this game is about revenge for Denver after the Broncos were blown out in the Super Bowl 43-8 by Seattle. This game means absolutely nothing, with the exception that both teams will be heavily evaluating their offseason acquisitions. Starters will be lucky to see two series at the max for both teams in this preseason matchup.

So when do the Broncos get revenge on the Seahawks? One can point to Week 3 when Denver is at Seattle. The Seahawks are strong at home and will be favored to win the game. Seattle will probably beat Denver in that matchup. However, it will be much closer than 43-8. Do not for one single second think that Seattle is that much better than Denver. In the Super Bowl, Seattle played the best possible game they could play, while Denver could not have played any worse.

The answer to the revenge question is that Denver will not get revenge on Seattle this season. It would be nice to see the Broncos absolutely destroy the Seahawks, not because of the result of the Super Bowl, but because of all the junk Seattle talked about Denver during the offseason. The fact of the matter is that the NFL has not seen the same two teams in the Super Bowl since the 1992 and 1993 seasons when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills in both games.

If Denver is able to stay healthy they have an easier path to reach the Super Bowl than Seattle, because the Broncos are clearly the team to beat in a watered down AFC in 2014. If one of the teams does make it to Glendale it will be Denver. Seattle is a young team that did not handle themselves the way a champion should handle themselves in the offseason.

The Seahawks will have a huge target on their back this season because of all the talking the team has done, and they will have to deal with a much stronger division than Denver will. Sorry Seahawks fans, but you will not repeat, nor will you go to Glendale for a chance to repeat. Maybe down the road Seattle and Denver meet again in the Super Bowl. However, Denver’s only revenge this season is to win the Super Bowl over an NFC team other than Seattle, because there is no way the Seahawks will be back.

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