New York Jets' Michael Vick Smart To Push Geno Smith Via Headlines

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Quarterback Michael Vick sure is smart, especially with the buzz he creates via headlines in the media. Not only has he been mentoring and pushing Geno Smith to become an overall better athlete, but he’s making it public too. It’s not easy to accept a backup role after such a record-breaking career, but since the New York Jets signed Vick for this important role, he’s been executing it extremely well.

Vick is doing his part to develop Smith into the long-term solution at quarterback for the Jets. After a difficult rookie season, Smith is looking to rebound and become the next big thing in the NFL. He’s confident in his preparation and determined to execute this upcoming season as a starter. With Vick in the shadows developing him as his protege, all the hard work that has been done will definitely translate to results on the field.

So far in training camp, Smith has been faster, smarter and above all ready to showcase his improvement for the football world to see when the regular season starts. Many analysts have praised Smith’s work ethic and that he’s taking command of this team — and rightfully so. As a quarterback, Smith needs to continue stepping up and believing that this is his team above anything else. It all succeeds or fails under his leadership, direction and performance.

Through headlines, Vick is making sure that the pressure is on for Smith to deliver. Proclaiming that Smith will be ten times better than last year will make sure that he’s never comfortable at any point during his very important sophomore season. While many probably thought Smith was a bit overconfident in saying that he expects to be a top-five quarterback within the next few years, Vick knows it’s actually closer to a reality than people think if Smith continues to do what he’s been doing all summer long.

Overall, Vick knows exactly what to do and say to get the most out of Smith, and over time it will prove to have worked. Perhaps years from now when Smith really does turn into a top-five quarterback, everyone can look back and be thankful that Vick had a major hand in his future.

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