Washington Redskins WR DeSean Jackson Charged For 1,500-Yard Season

By Jason Bailey
DeSean Jackson
Getty Images

The Washington Redskins‘ passing attack has all but suggested that they are vying for 1,000-yard seasons from each wideout. As unlikely as that may seem, don’t be at all surprised if Redskins standout DeSean Jackson snags those numbers and then some. It is entirely possible that the decorated wideout will post a 1,500-yard season.

You don’t need Jackson’s immediate scouting report to justify his case for such a forecast. The man’s game more than speaks for itself. Jackson is a premier wideout in the NFL, and his very presence commands an elevated level of respect. The man is a three-time Pro Bowler, a first team All-Pro, and a two-time first team All-American with 6,117 career receiving yards and 32 touchdowns.

And did I fail to mention that the Jackson sauntered into Redskins training camp riding the wake of a career season, in which he dominated opposing secondaries with 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns? He also led the league with a jaw-dropping 16 catches on passes that traveled a minimum of 20 yards, schooling the likes of Eric Decker and Josh Gordon.

Now, what seemed like nothing more than a distant pipe dream is suddenly much closer to reality. It is a long shot, yes, but it’s one that warrants serious consideration.

The word on the street is that Jackson pulled a Percy Harvin and ended up in the team’s infirmary to doctor his right ankle. He might be questionable for the preseason opener, but it is but a minor concern as far as his 2014 season goes. Jackson is due for a monster season in nation’s capital, and will force defensive coordinators to work overtime game planning for his electrifying presence in the burgundy and gold.

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