Jim Kelly Interested in Purchasing Buffalo Bills

By Michael Terrill
Jim Kelly
Getty Images

Even though it appears Jon Bon Jovi and his ownership group are the clear favorites to become the new owners of the Buffalo Bills that has not prevented former quarterback Jim Kelly from joining up with a bidder to purchase the team.

The move comes as somewhat of a surprise considering it was only a couple days ago that Kelly stated he was perfectly fine with Bon Jovi purchasing the Bills as long as the team was kept in Buffalo.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really care who it is as long as they keep it in Buffalo,” Kelly said on The Dan Patrick Show. “Bon Jovi is one of those guys who that, true to heart, if he’s going to keep it in Buffalo, New York, and not wait until his six years runs out … and move it to Toronto, then I don’t want him to have it. But he’s a guy – and I love his music and I love the guy – but if he’s thinking about moving to Toronto then no, I don’t want him to have it. I think that goes without saying.”

Apparently, Kelly does not trust Bon Jovi will do right by the city, which is why he threw his name in the mix. There is no confirmation on who the bidder is that Kelly is working with, but the quick assumption is that it is Jeffery Gundlach, a bond investor, who approached Kelly about joining forces to buy the Bills.

Bon Jovi and his group were required to resubmit their bid of approximately $900 million as the Bills are expected to be sold for over $1 billion. That means that Kelly’s group still has a legitimate shot at pulling ahead. Obviously, the fans of Buffalo would be thrilled to see the legendary quarterback, who led the Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances, become the owner of the team.

Kelly recently went through chemotherapy treatment for cancer, which he was diagnosed with last year. The cancer had left his body, but unfortunately, it returned in March. He will find out in a few weeks if the treatment worked and he is cancer free.

Either way, having Kelly as part of the ownership group would not only please the fans, but nearly guarantee that the Bills stay in Buffalo for the foreseeable future.

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