Former Minnesota Vikings Owner Wants To Help Oakland Raiders Move To San Antonio

By Andrew Fisher
Red McCombs
Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders are apparently serious about a possible move to the The Lone Star State and San Antonio. Team owner Mark Davis met with San Antonio officials and leaders last month, including former Minnesota Vikings owner Red McCombs.

“I don’t think it could have gone better,” McCombs told He added that if it would help get the Raiders to San Antonio, that he’d be willing to invest some of his own funds. McCombs has plenty of disposable income, as he’s rumored to be worth in the neighborhood of $1.4 billion.

The former Vikings owner also pointed out that he doesn’t know if Davis would seek local investors upon moving, but that they “wouldn’t be hard to get” if he did.

Many people believe that the Raiders’ interest in SA could just be a bargaining chip to try and land a new stadium. McCombs doesn’t buy that thought.

“It’s a myth that San Antonio is a bargaining chip… Mr. Davis was impressed by (Mayor) Henry (Cisneros) — pure and simple. I don’t know whether it’s a long way from a deal or whatever, but at least there was an opening there and we have a leader to take charge.”

From this information one can safely gather that San Antonio has a realistic chance of landing the Raiders. It’s not a good chance, because 24 of 32 owners would have to approve the move to a much smaller market (top 10 market to top 40 market), but the city is at least on the team’s short list.

You can’t blame the Raiders for exploring any and all options. They need a new home. San Antonio would no doubt welcome an NFL franchise with open arms. But the money the league would lose in such a move could be enough to put a stop to any talks of the Raiders leaving California. As per usual, you really have to think it’s down to the Oakland area or Los Angeles for the silver and black.

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