Green Bay Packers: The Frozen Tundra of City Stadium

By Ben Schumacher
Green Bay Packer Fans
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From the “Ice Bowl” against the Dallas Cowboys in 1967, to last year’s playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Green Bay Packers have always been synonymous with the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and all of the history created there by the franchise with the most NFL titles. However, before there was the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, there was the frozen tundra of City Stadium, the home of the Packers from 1925-1956. Located on the campus of Green Bay’s East High School, City Stadium still stands today and is a landmark to the history created there. This aspect of the team’s history, along with the fact that the Packers are the only publicly-owned sports franchise, just adds to the small, community feel surrounding the organization.

The feeling of community and family around the organization and the city of  Green Bay is one of the things that keeps fans so connected to the team. Even while they were going through a 29-year-championship drought from 1967-1996, fans continued to pack Lambeau Field and support the team. Anyone who has been to a Packer game will tell you there is a unique sense of belonging and togetherness you can sense as you walk around the stadium on game day. You feel like you’re going to a game with 80,000 of your closest friends, and that feeling was created in the organization’s early years at City Stadium.

As someone who attended East High School, I can tell you there is a certain level of pride knowing some of the greats in Packers history played football on your high school field. This field was home to some of the greatest team’s in Packers history including, six NFL championship teams, and you can see that history as you walk the grounds of East High School today.

Since the Packers left for Lambeau Field, City Stadium has continued to be the site of historically significant events. In 2005, it was the site of the 100th football game between East and West High School ­­– one of the oldest continuous high school football rivalries in the country. Thanks to their beginnings at Green Bay’s East High School, the Packers have a rich history and tradition that sets the team apart from most NFL organizations.

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