Jace Amaro Gets A Lot of Work In New York Jets' First Preseason Game

By Vinny Lanni
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Out of all the players on the New York Jets‘ roster, rookie tight end Jace Amaro was on the field more than anyone on Thursday night in their 13-10 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Amaro played a team-high 42 snaps and he was also targeted a team-high five times. For a rookie who was said to be lost at times during training camp, this is some encouraging news for Jets fans who were skeptical of whether or not Amaro was ready to step in and play right away. Expect Amaro to be on the field often during the preseason, because the best way for a rookie to learn the speed and X’s and O’s of an NFL season is to have him out there experiencing it from himself. Amaro finished Thursday’s game against the Colts with two receptions and 18 yards, but by the preseason’s end, I expect him to have better numbers.

The 6-foot-6, 260 pound TE from Texas Tech has the tools to be something special with the Jets if he can work past his early struggles and just focus on what he does best — catching the football. Amaro wants to grab 100 receptions this year, and the lofty expectations are encouraging, but if he can get about 50 or so during his rookie season, I think the Jets would be happy.

The big-bodied first team All-American tight end has the physical qualities a team looks for, but he needs to work on his mental game. The Jets need players like Amaro to play well because it gives them a new wrinkle on offense. He is the type of player that the Jets can mix and match, move around in the offense and get him a lot of open field to work with. The NFL is all about speed and athleticism, and that is why New Orleans SaintsJimmy Graham is one of the best amongst his position.

I’d call the first preseason game a success for Amaro, and I expect some exciting plays and more progression from him during the preseason.

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