Minnesota's Block of Redskins Name Could Start Trend

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
Getty Images

The University of Minnesota‘s TCF Bank Stadium will play host to the Minnesota Vikings over the next two seasons. While the Vikings wait for their new home to be completed, they’ll have to make due playing at a college stadium. Given the circumstances, the Vikings actually have a pretty sweet deal playing in just a six-year old structure.

But when it comes to the University of Minnesota, they have a problem with one of the Vikings’ home opponents this upcoming season — the Washington Redskins.

The school has requested that the Redskins wear their throwback uniforms (the really old ones with the ‘R’ logo) when they play at TCF Bank Stadium on November 2nd. Why? Because the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, which donated $10 million toward the construction The Bank, is rightfully offended by the nickname. They’d like for it not be mentioned, displayed  or sold via merchandise when Washington comes to town in November.

Is this a fair request? Well, it certainly can’t hurt to ask. If Washington doesn’t want a PR nightmare on its hands, it will likely comply.

But you have to wonder if this will be the start of a new trend? This case is unique because it involves a school’s stadium, but what if more local Native American groups voice their displeasure with the nickname when Washington travels around this season?

It’s bound to happen at some point. Protests against the name only figure to get bigger and bigger.

Asking a team to wear its throwback jerseys to avoid displaying an offensive nickname sure seems like a fairly big step toward asking the team to not display its nickname all together. Moving forward it will be very interesting to see if this request from the University of Minnesota has any effect on the rest of Washington’s season.

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