Jordan Matthews Fails To Impress In Debut For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Jordan Matthews Pre-Season
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The hype train was rolling for Jordan Matthews heading into his preseason debut. He had received rave reviews for flashing big time in camp and catching everything thrown his way.

That got derailed a bit last night, as Matthews had the dropsies. He was targeted seven times and had four drops — those are not good numbers. Matthews also struggled to get seperation in man coverage and failed to use his size against the smaller second team cornerbacks he was lined up against.

This is to be expected for a rookie. All the talk of him being a stud right of the gate was premature. Rarely do rookie wide receivers come in and light the world on fire — only the truly special talents usually do.

All Matthews has to be is a solid piece. The Philadelphia Eagles have weapons all over the football field, from LeSean McCoy to Darren Sproles in the run game to Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper in the passing game.

Matthews just has to be a complementary piece. It looked like the rookie was simply trying to do too much out there. He certainly wasn’t the only Eagle guilty of that last night. Even the first team offense looked downright sloppy at times, and the second and third team defense got absolutely shredded.

There is still work to do for this Eagles football team, as the penalties and turnovers were staggering. If this team wants to compete for a championship, it simply can’t beat itself like it did last night.

This is a great learning experience for Matthews. He has a lot of work to do, and so does the rest of this ballclub.

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