The Johnny Manziel Show is On the Air for Cleveland Browns

By Steve Ungrey
Andrew Weber -- USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber — USA TODAY Sports

Well, America, you just watched the first episode of the NFL‘s most-eagerly anticipated debut of the coming season.

What did you think of the pilot?

Comparing Johnny Manziel to the debut of an eagerly-awaited TV show isn’t too far from the truth. Pundits have broken down every step of Manziel’s between his drafting by the Cleveland Browns and his first preseason game Saturday night.

The reviews are in, and it looks like this show won’t be canceled anytime soon. Of course, we may not see the full potential of this show for a while, but it looks like it wasn’t a total bomb.

The reality of Saturday’s preseason opener is Cleveland kicker Billy Cundiff stole the show with four field goals because the offense couldn’t really find the end zone. The Detroit Lions found the end zone once, and the result was a 13-12 victory.

The four field goals the Browns picked up do say one thing: the quarterbacks were able to move the ball down the field, and Manziel threw for 63 yards and ran for 27 in the loss. He didn’t score at all, but only four of his 11 passes fell incomplete.

Brian Hoyer threw for 92 yards and missed on over half of his pass attempts, for comparison.

Coach Mike Pettine has already announced Manziel will start the second preseason game next week, and there may be a winner in the Browns quarterback sweepstakes as soon as the third game of the preseason.

Manziel didn’t hurt his chances, but he didn’t help them either.

In the end, it’s just nice to have Manziel back on a football field. The discussion about Manziel will probably go deep into the weekend, especially with those networks that love to talk about Johnny Football around the clock, but at least his on-field exploits are being discussed instead of his Las Vegas trips or his visits to casinos.

The Browns took a big gamble on Manziel. He’s already one of the beloved Cleveland athletes in terms of jersey sales and name recognition.

Time will tell if his arm will match the marketing muscle.

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