New York Jets Need To Stay Far, Far Away From Wildcat Offense

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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One would think that once you’ve made a mistake, you’ve learned from it, no? Sometimes we all wish the New York Jets would just rewind to just a few years ago when they had both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in town. Oh yes, the thoughts of the Jets back then will surely make you cringe when they envisioned this magical offense that would trick even the best defenses coming to play.

You know, this incredible Wildcat offense that would shock the football world because opposing teams didn’t know which quarterback to really prepare, or who was going to be unleashed to the masses. Everyone drank the green juice back then, as they say, as thoughts of the Jets winning a Super Bowl would be the final result thanks to this Wildcat trickery.

Needless to say, it never happened and resulted in an absolute disaster of a season thanks to all that nonsense. Could the Jets repeat history this time around with Geno Smith and Michael Vick in an eerily similar situation?

Here is to hoping that the Jets don’t ever think of putting the Wildcat back into the mix having Vick in a shotgun formation and Smith lined up as a wide receiver. It’s one thing to run quarterback draw plays, but another to run embarrassing plays just because you want to see Vick’s speed come into play in close football games. One thing the Jets should have learned with the Sanchez/Tebow debacle is that you can’t mess up the all important rhythm you develop as a quarterback throughout the season. It’s important to let them do what they do best week in and week out.

If Smith starts the season for the Jets like they have been developing him to, then they need to stick with him and forget about running anything with the Wildcat offense featuring Vick. Don’t take out Smith or have him feel inadequate as a starter because you want to run some tricky plays that won’t fool anyone because he’s lined up as a wide receiver watching Vick take the snap.

While everyone knows Vick still has plenty of gas left in his tank to run like there is no tomorrow, let’s not forget the big picture. Vick was brought in to develop Smith towards a bright and successful future, not to risk injury for some plays in a Wildcat offense specifically created for him that will absolutely not work.

At the end of the day, it’s best to just stick to traditional football and truly hand over the keys to Smith. This is what the Jets wanted and have created so they must commit to it until the very end. Hopefully they understand to stay far, far away from any reincarnation of that Wildcat nonsense that horribly backfired with Sanchez/Tebow and just continue with the game plan of running the football and surrounding Smith with confidence and support.

Let Vick be the mentor he was brought in to be, not be wasted on plays that won’t bring anything except embarrassment.

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