Cleveland Browns: Rex Grossman Brings Experience to QB Competition

By Michael Terrill
Rex Grossman
Getty Images

If you thought the Cleveland Browns quarterback competition was heated before, you have not seen anything yet. Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel must now compete with veteran Rex Grossman to see whom the Browns will name the Week 1 starter.

In all seriousness, Cleveland signing Grossman is for the experience only. There is no way the disappointing signal caller has any shot at actually starting for the Browns unless Hoyer and Manziel get hurt. Bringing him in is strictly so that Hoyer and Manziel will be pushed harder in training camp. Not to mention, Grossman will be able to answer questions and provide input in certain situations.

In 11 years in the NFL, Grossman has completed 55.3 percent of his passes with 56 touchdowns and 60 interceptions. He’s mostly suited up for the Chicago Bears, but he has also played for the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins. His last time actually playing in a game came in 2011 with the Redskins when he was under center for 13 games. That season he nearly matched his career best statistically, despite his numbers still being awful.

With the Browns locker room divided equally between Hoyer and Manziel, the addition of Grossman certainly provides an interesting twist. Once again, nobody is actually going to back Grossman as the starter. However, he will give the team a certain element that could help sway players one way or the other.

In order to sign Grossman, the Browns cut quarterback Tyler Thigpen. The fact that offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was pressing for Grossman in the offseason is more reason why the roster move is not a big surprise.

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