Marshawn Lynch the Only Bad Noise in Seattle Seahawks Training Camp

By Eighty Six
Marshawn Lynch
Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch popped that nice, peaceful post-Super Bowl afterglow bubble the Seattle Seahawks were drifting in. I thought they were going to make it all the way to Week 1 with the Green Bay Packers without showing up on any police reports or bothering Roger Goodell in any way. So close.

After the 2012 failed drug tests of Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner and the 2013 suspensions of Bruce Irvin then Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner again, talk around the country was that Pete Carroll was running a crooked ship up in “Sea-adderall”. The 2013 arrest of John Moffitt for public urination added some color to the Seahawks’ reputation.

But the biggest talk lately has only been about changes to how league officials will call pass defense after Seattle’s mauling of the Denver Broncos.

Except for Lynch, this is. His holdout spoiled the idea that everyone on the roster was focused solely on defending the title. Lynch wanted his $1.5 million in potential bonuses turned into guaranteed money. He got it and was supposed to get back to football only.

Now, this is only an investigation into an accusation, but reports from Bellevue are that Lynch was allegedly involved in assault and personal property damage eight hours before practice started for the Seahawks on Sunday. This could certainly be based on nothing, but it’s still unwanted noise.

Troubles with Lynch in the past have included a 2008 hit-and-run, a concealed weapons charge in 2009 that led to a three-game suspension and a 2012 DUI investigation that resulted in two years of probation.

I’ve always appreciated Lynch’s personal policy of never talking to the media. In his situation, I’d prefer to shut up and play. I also wish the media never had anything to say about him that wasn’t about football.

I hope the Bellevue allegations are just sailboat fuel and drift away.

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