Washington Redskins' Trent Williams Looks Poised To Irritate Opposing DEs

By Jason Bailey
Trent Williams
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Opposing DEs just about lived in the Washington Redskins‘ backfield last season, though that won’t be a problem in 2014. Why? Well, because Redskins coach Jay Gruden really likes offensive tackle Trent Williams.

While opposing defenses in the league are certainly welcomed to try, sacking the Redskins’ decorated signal caller Robert Griffin III when Williams is entrenched along the offensive lines is simply not going to happen. The 6-foot-5, 337-pound two-time Pro Bowler has more than held his own against the NFL‘s top defensive fronts over his five-year career, registering well over 100 knockdown blocks in each of his five seasons with the Redskins.

Williams’ pass protection has also been duly noticed, as he only allowed 5.5 sacks for 43 yards last season and was flagged for a mere four false start infractions.

Gruden has said that the offensive line is in place, and the team has a solid foundation pending the addition of much-needed depth to fortify the interior. The first-year coach has also raved about Williams’ pass protection, saying the seasoned OT is one of the most fun players to watch on tape.

Williams is clutch. The man finishes his blocks, he pass protects and he is violent in the open field. Analysts don’t usually invest too much time watching OTs, but Williams’ game speaks for himself, making him an extraordinary exception.

He schooled his opposition during training camp and frustrated the efforts of every defensive alignment that the Patriots fired his way during the two teams’ joint practices. Redskins fans need not lose sleep over the state of the offensive line heading into 2014. Regardless of what schematics, alignments, or defensive formations rival defensive coordinators dial up, William’s has Griffin’s back.

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