Magic Johnson Believing L.A. Will Get NFL Team in Two Years is Farfetched

By Michael Terrill
Magic Johnson
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Apparently, Wednesday morning is going to start out with wild guarantees from Los Angeles’ favorite son. Magic Johnson, who made his fame with the Los Angeles Lakers and is a partial owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is convinced that the city will land an NFL team in two years.

“I think for the first time, I truly believe we’re going to get a team. Finally,” Johnson said, according to CBS Sports. “Everybody is on board. The city is on board. The business community is on board. The NFL is on board. Finally we have momentum. In the next couple years, at least in the next 24 months, I think one team will be coming. I don’t know what team that will be, but I believe in the next two years we’ll have a team.”

Johnson technically made the comment on Tuesday, but most media outlets are not getting wind of it until this morning. Regardless, it is absolutely ridiculous for him to think Los Angeles is capable of convincing an NFL team to relocate in such a short time period.

The reason? For starters, there is no stadium for the team to play in. Sure, the LA Memorial Coliseum is up for consideration, but there has to be several renovations done before the stadium is even considered worthy of holding an NFL team and its fans. According to the L.A. Times, proper renovations for the Coliseum are at least three years away, which certainly puts a damper on Johnson’s theory.

Let me be perfectly clear, I definitely believe Los Angeles will get a team in the near future. Unfortunately, there is no way it happens in 24 months. The city simply has way too much to do before it can support a professional team in the country’s most popular sport. The biggest concern is moving a team to Los Angeles only for it to suffer via attendance and overall lack of support. The city must be convinced the team will survive before making any drastic moves.

As of right now, it appears the most likely team to get moved to Southern California is the Oakland Raiders. I have to imagine everyone is on board, aside from the people of Oakland, when they say the Raiders belong back in Los Angeles. As far as it happening in two years, don’t bet on it.

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