NFL Rumors: League Considering 4-6 Game Ban For Domestic Violence Cases

By RantSports Staff
Roger Goodell
Getty Images

No one has ever accused Roger Goodell of running a squeaky clean operation. The NFL has its share of flaws, just like any other big business. But when the league got it wrong by suspending Ray Rice for just two games this season, people really started to take notice.

While most of us will never know what really happened in that elevator between Rice and his then fiancee, it’s pretty clear that something bad happened. Something really bad. The NFL dropped the ball by suspending Rice for such a small amount of time, something that became even more clear after people realized that dope smokers were being banned for longer amounts of time.

According to the Washington Post, the NFL is actually considering stiffer punishments for those involved in domestic abuse cases. Here’s what a person speaking on the condition of anonymity told the WP about the league’s discussions on such penalties:

“We need to have stricter penalties. I think you will see that. I believe the commissioner and others would like to see stricter penalties. We need to be more vigilant… A lot of us were disturbed by what we saw in the Rice case. I think you will see something in probably the next few weeks. A first offense could be four to six games, definitely more than two. A second offense might be a year.”

So there you have it. Maybe the NFL does listen to the public after all?

It will be somewhat surprising if a rule adjustment is made in the next few weeks, but one has to believe that changes will be made to the suspension policy for domestic abuse cases before next season.

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