New York Jets: Rex Ryan's Predictions For Defensive Unit Don't Carry Weight

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Sometimes it’s best to leave your thoughts to yourself instead of letting the world know what you think will happen, especially if you’re a head coach dealing with injuries. It’s one thing to set goals, but it’s another to start yapping away because you might have a sense of denial that maybe some mistakes were made along the way. The New York Jets were hit hard with the injury bug these past few weeks in an already apparent weakness on their team in the secondary. This has caused head coach Rex Ryan to sound off and still predict greatness.

You can’t have greatness without quality, especially if your main stars are hit with injuries. Cornerback Dexter McDougle is out for the season due to a torn ACL. Dimitri Patterson hasn’t been able to so much as play a week straight due to nursing various small injuries preventing him from participating. Even Dee Milliner, the self-proclaimed best cornerback in the NFL, is dealing with an ankle injury that might even delay his debut in professional football. Yet Ryan continues to chime in that there is no need to panic, as he knows things will work out so great the Jets will have an outstanding defense that will be tops in the league despite all of this.

Looking at the situation, the Jets are indeed in a very nightmarish situation considering that the league is a very pass happy one. The Jets will face some incredible quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning just to name a few this upcoming season. Can one imagine just how aerial their offensive planning will be knowing that the Jets have rookies and injury-prone athletes holding down the fort in the secondary? Expect a field day by those kind of elite quarterbacks, because if it wasn’t already a weakness before, it sure as heck is now.

Everyone knows the Jets have an incredible defensive line and linebacker situation, but quarterbacks these days are able to get the football down the field in record times. How will they be able to keep up with these potent offenses without having quality defenders? The Jets dropped the ball big time in not addressing their cornerback situation this past free agency. They had several marquee names that were ready to step in and bring immediate contributions to the team, but the Jets opted to go the youthful route and hope they would be as good or of higher quality.

One can’t put a price on the value of what an experienced veteran brings to the table. The Jets are now rushing ideas together to put something relevant on the field to help cover, including converting a pure safety like Antonio Allen into an overnight cornerback. It won’t really work long-term as it’s just a quick band-aid to remedy the situation. Without quality at those key positions, the Jets will literally be hanging themselves out to dry on the corners. Ryan’s defense vitally depends on a man-to-man scheme for shutting down offenses, and as of now he’s already at a major disadvantage.

Ryan still believes despite this rash of injuries to hit his team that they will still be able to be a top defense this upcoming season. Perhaps if they had some quality veterans, especially ones without a history of always getting hurt, that belief would carry more more weight. For now, it looks like Ryan is saying that to keep the masses from freaking out since things could really turn into a disaster for the Jets in 2014. And it’s all because they neglected some important aspects that are vital to building a championship contender.

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