NFL Handling of Josh Gordon Unfair To Everyone

By Nick Villano
Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported by many news sources that a decision on Josh Gordon‘s suspension will not be made until late next week. By then, the Cleveland Browns will have played two preseason games, and Gordon is currently playing in these games. The question to be asked is whether these are the only games that we will see him in this year. That is anyone’s guess at this point.

The stalling the NFL has done on this decision is astounding. The failed drug test was announced on the second day of the draft, back on May 9. It is three months later and we don’t know if he is going to get the dreaded indefinite suspension, which could last longer than just this year, or if he will play with Johnny Manziel and the Browns at some point this season. The situation is simply unfair to everyone involved.

It is really unfair to the Browns’ coaching staff, as they are currently making packages that surround Gordon. The best healthy option on the team outside of him is Miles Austin, so the game plan would be much different if he is No. 1.

The situation could drastically affect the QB battle between Manziel and Brian Hoyer. The latter of the two already has chemistry with Gordon, which could make him look better in these preseason games. If he misses the whole season, then those plays should be voided. If he ends up making Manziel look better than he is because he is such a talent, then it could move the line in his favor. The QBs need to learn to play without him, because it is likely that will be the case.

It really isn’t fair to the fans, who are now holding on to the little hope that he could play this year. They are buying No. 12 jerseys in droves after he led the league in receiving last season, and they would like to wear them while watching him play in 2014. However, the will likely be disappointed.

Nobody knows why the situation is taking so long. It seems the evidence is piled on against Gordon. After being informed he could be suspended, he was in a car where marijuana was found (which is the original reason for the suspension), and a month later he was arrested for driving under the influence. There isn’t much of a chance to see one of the best talents in the game this season. Why keep us all wondering if there is a possibility?

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