Cleveland Browns: Delay with Josh Gordon Case is Getting Pathetic

By Casey Drottar
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If a player is notified of a failed drug test way back in May and decides to appeal, you would think a ruling would’ve been issued by mid-August, right? I mean, if you’ve got someone who’s made aware of a potential full-year ban before the NFL Draft is finished, obviously he’d know his punishment well before preseason kicked off.

Well, if said player’s name is Josh Gordon, then no, no he wouldn’t.

The Cleveland Browns receiver is still awaiting word on the league’s ruling regarding his failed drug test from over three months ago. Despite being notified of the positive test in May, Gordon’s appeal meeting didn’t take place until August 1. And, despite the appeal wrapping up on August 4, there’s still no word what his punishment will be. In fact, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Gordon probably isn’t going to find out the NFL’s ruling until late next week.

That’s right, although the news first broke in May, and although the appeal process has been finished for about two weeks now, Gordon has to wait at least another week before finding out if he’ll be banned from the league for a full calendar year.

There’s no getting around it anymore, this is getting pathetic.

What’s left to discuss? Why has this case taken forever to get settled? Is there something going on behind the scenes the public is unaware of? Surely there has to be, as it’s tough to come up with any other excuse as to why this entire process seems endless.

According to Schefter, the issue causing the delay is the length of the appeal hearing – about 13 hours spread across two days – and the time it’s taking to transcribe the meeting.

Seriously? Gordon is waiting this long because it takes three weeks to type out the notes from the hearing? Are they writing it all out by hand?

Probably not, because even that wouldn’t take as long as this has.

You can say the league doesn’t owe Gordon anything, as he wouldn’t be in this position if he took a lesson from last year’s suspension and avoided trouble. At the same time, we’re talking about a year-long ban. The NFL should’ve had this figured out in July at the latest, so the receiver could start his punishment and be able to return in time for next season’s camp. Now, they’re continuing to string him along, ensuring not only will he miss the entire season this year, but he’ll likely come back next season with barely any time to prepare for opening week.

How is this fair for Gordon, or the Browns for that matter? The wideout may have put forth a solid defense in appealing his pending suspension. Or, his fight may have fallen on deaf ears. At this point, we have no idea.

Neither does Gordon. Neither do the Browns. They won’t find out until next week. Maybe.

But sure, take your sweet time, NFL. It’s not like this is an important, life-changing decision here.

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