Dwayne Bowe's One-Game Suspension Is Fair

By RantSports Staff
Dwayne Bowe
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Bowe put himself in a precarious position last fall when he got pulled over in a car with marijuana and hauled off to jail. The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver claimed he did nothing wrong at the time, and eventually he escaped a marijuana possession charge by pleading guilty to a couple of lesser charges.

Fast forward to Friday, and Bowe has been hit with a one-game ban by the NFL.

Given the unique nature of this incident, it’s only fair that the NFL went light with its punishment of Bowe. There was no reason to throw the book at him, and there’s also something to be said for not letting him get away scot-free. One game sends a message that he shouldn’t be putting himself in those types of situations.

Chiefs fans are no doubt expecting big things from the WR this year, so this news will definitely be disappointing. However, they should also take note of this tweet from Schefter from just a few days ago:

That last part is the most encouraging for KC fans. “Completely different” from last year. In 2013, Bowe racked up just 673 yards receiving, the second lowest total of his career.

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