New Orleans Saints Have A Lot Riding On Terron Armstead

By William Potter
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

To say that that the New Orleans Saints are looking for a big year from second-year tackle Terron Armstead would be a huge understatement. He didn’t do so well when he was thrown into the thick of things last season to replace Charles Brown, but so far, his teammates and the coaching staff believe that Armstead will be ready to dominate this season — and they’ll certainly need him to.

The Saints’ offensive line isn’t in bad shape by any stretch of the imagination. The only real question mark is at center, but they really can’t afford for Armstead to play poorly. The line is already strong, but it would be all the better if he puts together a strong 2014 campaign. But if he plays like he did last year, the Saints (and, more specifically, Drew Brees) will be in for a rough year.

As of right now, everything is looking well for the Armstead. The offensive line, despite injuries and an unsure center situation, has held together nicely, and he’s provided a nice spark for the group. He’s certainly got the tools necessary to be a dominant tackle — many of the coaches say that he has the athleticism to play tight end — so the only thing that could stop him is himself.

With the way he’s been performing during the preseason, it’d be surprising to see him perform poorly this year. He has the makings to be a great tackle, but it’s up to him to put the pieces together. Fans better hope that he does.

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