Geno Smith Will Not Be New York Jets' Biggest Problem This Season

By Steven Carollo
John Grieshop - Getty Images
John Grieshop – Getty Images

The hot topic surrounding the New York Jets this preseason and throughout the entire summer, is who is going to be the starting quarterback when opening day rolls around just a few weeks from now. Will it be the rookie from last season, now entering into his second year in the NFL, Geno Smith or the controversial and aging veteran quarterback Michael Vick, who the Jets signed back in late March?

With Smith taking more than 80 percent of the first team offense’s snaps and starting the first two games of the preseason, it is pretty obvious (to the dismay of the fans or not) that Smith will indeed be the starting quarterback come opening day.

You can guarantee that if Smith and the Jets struggle that fans and football analysts alike will be calling for Smith’s head and for Vick to become the Jets’ starting quarterback. They will go on and say how Smith is not a good enough quarterback and that he is the problem that is holding the Jets back. In my opinion though, if the Jets do start this season off poorly, Smith will not be this team’s main problem, as illustrated by tonight’s preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

If the Jets struggle to win games this season, the quarterback will not matter much.  The big question mark the Jets will face this season, that will either make or break them, has nothing to do with the offense but with Rex Ryan’s defense. The Jets’ secondary will be the deciding factor of whether the Jets have a good or bad season.

Tonight against the Bengals’ offense and starting quarterback Andy Dalton, the Jets’ defense gave up two touchdowns and a field goal in less than two full quarters, largely due to the Jets’ inept starting secondary.

Dalton, who is not the greatest quarterback in the world, looked like Joe Montana against the Jets’ secondary, going 8/8 for 144 yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions in just over one quarter of playing time.

Smith will have struggles, being on a second-year quarterback in the NFL. If the Jets’ struggle this season, it will largely be due to the team’s poor starting secondary.

Geno Smith will not be the Jets’ biggest problem this season.

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