Preseason Game Shows San Diego Chargers Need Improvements On Defense

By Brendan Patel
Getty Images
Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers got the opportunity to play the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in their second preseason game. Unfortunately, they were unable to take advantage as the Seahawks completely outplayed them. The bad news is that the majority of starters on the Seahawks’ offense were left in for the whole first half, and they completely dominated.

Quarterback Russell Wilson was near perfect, evading oncoming rushers with ease and having no problem finding open receivers. The Chargers missed numerous tackles as they struggled to contain the running backs and quarterbacks in the running game, and the defense as a whole committed crucial penalties, giving the Seahawks plenty of opportunities to convert.

The Chargers made it a point this offseason to upgrade their defense, particularly in the secondary. While there are still players working their way back from injury, there is no excuse for putting forth such a poor effort. The Seahawks are by no means an offensive juggernaut and tend to play a more conservative style. The fact that they were able to shred the Chargers’ defense is extremely alarming, as San Diego is going to face many top offenses throughout the season. The team has a daunting schedule and cannot rely on their offense to win shootouts week in and week out.

While it is still the preseason, the Chargers need to figure out how to get better on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive coordinator John Pagano has shown in the past that he can get the most out of his players, even when they are outmatched. The team has more talent this year than they’ve had in the past, and he needs to make sure that they become a cohesive unit by the start of the season.

If not, it could put a lot of pressure on the offense to keep the team from getting blown out every game.

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