Pierre Thomas Deserves To Be Higher On New Orleans Saints' Depth Chart

By Chris Ross
Pierre Thomas New Orleans Saints
Getty Images

Despite the fact that Pierre Thomas is perhaps the most complete running back on the New Orleans Saints roster, he is currently listed third on the team’s depth chart. Thomas, who is the longest-tenured running back on New Orleans roster, deserves to be higher than that, plain and simple.

Although I personally believe that Mark Ingram is in line for a breakout season, an argument can be made that Thomas deserves to start ahead of a player that has been a total bust since he entered the league. Not to mention, the fact that Thomas is behind Khiry Robinson on the depth chart is absolutely ridiculous.

I want to believe that Robinson is the Saints next great running back, but there is simply no reason he should be ahead of Thomas on the depth chart. Thomas has shown time and time again that he deserves to be used more in the Saints’ offense, and yet, the team simply refuses to give him the touches he deserves.

Let’s not forget that Thomas provides the Saints with the type of receiving ability that Ingram and Robinson simply don’t provide. Without Darren Sproles on the roster, the Saints need a back with Thomas’ receiving talent, and that’s precisely why he should be ahead of at least Robinson as we enter the 2014 season.

Overall, Pierre Thomas deserves to be higher than No. 3 on the Saints’ depth chart. Not only is he a more proven option than anyone else on the roster, but he has also shown throughout his career that he can make big plays on a consistent basis. The Saints would be making a big mistake if they keep Thomas at his current place on the depth chart.

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