Buffalo Bills Rumors: Jim Kelly and Bon Jovi Buying Team Together?

By RantSports Staff
Jim Kelly
Getty Images

The future of the Buffalo Bills is still up in the air. With the sale of the team pending, there are way more questions than answers at this point. Bon Jovi and Jim Kelly are both in the running to acquire the Bills, but in a twist of events, it appears the two stars could join forces.

According to a report from The Buffalo News, Kelly and Bon Jovi’s groups are at least entertaining the idea of teaming up to purchase the franchise:

“Two sources familiar with the sales process told The News the Kellys have made lofty partnership demands: 2 percent equity in the team, lifetime jobs for Jim and Dan, an up-front cash payment for their services and final say on all football decisions.”

Sources speaking to the BN said that Donald Trump found these terms to be “unacceptable,” and that another source believes the Kellys will “give up football decision-making if they join the Bon Jovi group.”

From the Kelly side of things, it certainly can’t hurt to make such demands. Why not shoot for the stars and try to get the final say on football decisions? Ultimately, if such a deal between the groups is reached, compromises will obviously be made.

As far as the actual franchise is concerned, this could be a best of both worlds scenario. While some fans hate Bon Jovi and the thought of him owning a portion of the Bills, having Kelly involved would help to soften the blow. At least they could take comfort in knowing that the team would stay in Buffalo, at that a true Bill would be involved in all major decisions.

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