Johnny Manziel Makes Obscene Gesture to Redskins, Proves Immaturity

By Nick Villano


Johnny Manziel
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Some say that the media makes too big of a deal about Johnny Manziel’s extracurricular activities. They say that he isn’t doing anything that all 21-year-old men would do. Many say that the media makes a big deal about it to get page views, or to get fair weather fans to watch their TV shows. His actions on Monday night showed that he is doing this to himself.

As Manziel was walking away from the Washington Redskins sideline during the third quarter, he very clearly made an obscene hand gesture towards them. Whether you call it flipping the bird or giving the middle finger, it will surely offend many.

I don’t know if Manziel wasn’t aware of this, but he was on national television. Despite it being a preseason game, there are still millions of people who tune in to Monday Night Football on ESPN.  One of the main reason they are watching is to see Manziel. You have to know they are watching your every move. If you do something stupid like flip off a sideline, it is going to get on Twitter instantly. It is going to take less than the time of the game to go viral. Now, everyone is talking about your mistake when the play wasn’t going.

It seems more and more like this kid just doesn’t understand that his actions will thrust the Cleveland Browns into a negative light. He is making his teammates continue to answer questions about his actions on the field and off of it.

Manziel says he wants to be the Browns’ starter. He has to do more than play well on the field to show he is ready to start. He showed tonight that he has a long way to go until he is mature enough to carry a franchise.

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