New York Jets LB Quinton Coples Should Be Worried About Jason Babin

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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LB Quinton Coples has a track record of underachieving with the New York Jets while showing signs of being great, so the team brought in veteran Jason Babin as insurance this season. You can’t really compare the two since they’re literally leagues apart. Coples is entering his third season playing professional football while Babin is an 11-year vet. However, Babin has more than proved his worth so far.

While Coples isn’t lazy by any stretch of the imagination, Babin’s strong preseason performance so far could actually push Coples to be at the top of his game. At this point, he will either improve, or find himself on the bench and potentially out the door. Babin is here to do anything that it takes to bring success to the Jets, and Coples need to emulate that and step up.

Coples has the abilities to live up to his potential, but seems to second-guess himself out of plays most of the time. It could very well all be in his head, and he could just need to have confidence in himself to get the job done. Either way, the time is now for him to deliver before it’s too late.

As opportunities become less available, Coples must put in the extra work and effort to finally have a breakout season. If Babin starts to rack up sacks and defensive stops, it won’t bode very well for Coples to have any leverage of remaining a starter. While Coples should definitely be worried about losing his starting spot to Babin, he should really use it to motivate himself and not allow that to happen.

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