NFL Shows Greed in Asking Super Bowl Performers to Pay to Play

By Nick Villano
Super Bowl Halftime Show
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The decision on who will be playing the Super Bowl halftime show has been cut down to three performers. The decision as of now will be between Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay. I won’t comment on how I feel about the choices, but I will talk about a rumor that has come up from this.

Apparently, the NFL is asking the three remaining performers to pay to play the halftime show. They are asking them to give a portion of their earnings for post-Super Bowl shows. This is clearly another example of the league showing its immense greed. To have someone perform for you, and put on the kind of show that they have in recent years, while paying to do so is beyond reason.

The league showed that it thinks it’s bigger than anything. It doesn’t realize that if it doesn’t have a Super Bowl halftime show, it will lose a portion of its audience. There are many around the world who tune in for two things, the concert and the commercials. Since commercials seem to be released online prior to the broadcast, the halftime show may be the only thing keeping non-football fans watching the game.

For the NFL, a business that made over $9 billion in profits last year, trying to short-change its entertainment shows how cocky it’s becoming. It seems like the league thinks it’s invincible. Eventually, we will see that the NFL will start to burn bridges. These entertainers don’t need to play the halftime show. All three of these artists are insanely popular. Obviously, when they were given this proposal, their representatives responded “chilly,” according to Rolling Stone. You can’t believe these artists think they will be less popular by not playing this show.

This needs to cease. The NFL needs to pay the performers before it gets any more bad press.

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