Average Value of NFL Teams Hits Record High; Dallas Cowboys Still Most Valuable

By RantSports Staff
Jerry Jones 2014 nfl draft
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Everybody knows that the NFL is printing money right now. With popularity at an all-time high, NFL teams are big businesses. Forbes has proven this with its 2014 list of franchise values.

The average NFL team is worth a staggering $1.43 billion. This is the highest average in the 17-year history of Forbes’ list, and it’s an increase of 23 percent from a season ago. The 23 percent jump is the biggest year-to-year increase since 1999.

So which franchise is the most valuable?

To no one’s surprise, it’s the Dallas Cowboys for the eighth straight year. Jerry Jones‘ team is worth an estimated $3.2 billion. Forbes ranks it as the second most valuable franchise in the world behind Real Madrid ($3.4 billion). But by the way things are currently trending, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the Cowboys atop this list in 2015.

Top 10:

(1) Dallas Cowboys – $3.2 billion

(2) New England Patriots – $2.6 billion

(3) Washington Redskins – $2.4 billion

(4) New York Giants – $2.1 billion

(5) Houston Texans – $1.85 billion

(6) New York Jets – $1.8 billion

(7) Philadelphia Eagles – $1.75 billion

(8) Chicago Bears – $1.70 billion

(9) San Francisco 49ers – $1.6 billion

(10) Baltimore Ravens – $1.5 billion

Least valuable: St. Louis Rams – $988 million

It’s pretty crazy to think the least valuable team in a league is still flirting with the $1 billion mark. Overall, there are really no surprises in the top 10. All the teams are in huge cities, which typically is going to help a business make more money. It’s maybe a little surprising that the Texans outrank the Jets, Eagles and Bears, but the rankings could easily change by next year.

Either way, even the ‘last place’ team is rolling in dough right now. Times are no doubt good for the NFL.

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