Cleveland Browns Make Right Decision Going With Brian Hoyer Over Johnny Manziel

By Nick Villano
Brian Hoyer Johnny Manziel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official: Johnny Manziel is a backup quarterback in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns announced on Wednesday that they will be going with veteran Brian Hoyer Week 1 over the 21-year-old rookie.

The Browns are making the right decision with their future by making Manziel wait to become the starter. He is someone who has been given everything for a large portion of his life. Not to take anything away from him, because he did work his butt off at college, but he isn’t on the same level that Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson were on when they came into the league.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine knows what he has in both players. Manziel’s best asset right now is dealing with broken plays. We have seen QBs like that before, and most of the time they do not work out. He needs to learn how to play the game on the professional level before he is given the starting job.

He also has some serious maturity issues, which is to be expected from a younger player. He lost his cool on national television when his Browns played the Washington Redskins on Monday night, and ended up making an obscene gesture to the Redskins. That is something he needs to learn how to control before he is given the responsibility of leading the Browns.

Many will point to Hoyer’s poor performance in that game as to why he shouldn’t be the starter, but he will only continue to get stronger coming off a torn ACL. He also won all three games that he played in last year on a team that only won four games all season. You have to try to see if he can pull off some tricks to win games like he did when given the opportunity last season.

When it comes down to it, Hoyer is not the quarterback of the future. He is a transitional player until Manziel is ready to take the reins. Until that time comes, he is a pretty good stopgap. Let Manziel develop, and he could be a top-10 QB.

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