San Francisco 49ers' Levi's Stadium is Falling Apart After One Week

By RantSports Staff
Levi's Stadium
USA Today Sports – Kelley L Cox

The San Francisco 49ers were hoping for the best with their new home. Levi’s Stadium, which cost $1.2 billion to construct, opened up this past weekend to a blowout 34-0 loss. The preseason loss certainly wasn’t the greatest of kickoffs to a new era in 49ers’ history.

But that loss seems like a good thing compared to what’s happening now with the Niners’ new home:

It’s being reported that the team even had to move where it was practicing on the field after Stevie Johnson slipped and fell because of faulty turf on Wednesday. The main issue is apparently that fact that the grass hasn’t yet taken root.

You’d think $1.2 billion would at least buy you a field ready for the inaugural season. We’ll have to see if the grounds crew can get the problems resolved by the Niners’ next home game on Sunday.

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