Washington Redskins: Penalties Exhibit A Lack Of Discipline That Will Prove Costly In 2014

By Jason Bailey
Redskins Penalties
Win McNamee-Getty Images

I’m going to assume I wasn’t the only one who saw an abundance of yellow flags on FedEx Field on Monday Night Football. The officials working the Washington Redskins‘ second preseason exhibition game against the Cleveland Browns certainly got plenty of practice in as far as their penalty routine goes.

The Redskins certainly did their part to help the referees as the team consistently showed signs of disorderly conduct and errant execution en route to edging the Browns. Yes, it’s just preseason, and no, the game doesn’t count; however, that would be a really irresponsible way of analyzing the game and the Redskins’ performance.

The Redskins committed infractions early and often, and were penalized 11 times for a whopping 100 yards. That’s quite an increase in yardage compared the their game against the New England Patriots, in which the Redskins were penalized 10 times for 79 yards. Worse, the penalties came at the most inopportune time, often stalling drives and frustrating the Redskins’ offense.

Penalties tend to be magnified when a team is having issues in other areas, as has been the case for the Redskins during the 2014 NFL preseason, though the good news is that they are certainly correctable at this point of the campaign.

And they will need to be resolutely addressed, preferably prior to the regular season opener. In fact, right now would be a good time for the Redskins to go ahead and get the penalties out of their system before it turns into a bigger problem that they can’t fix.

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