Seattle Seahawks' Percy Harvin Primed For Breakout 2014 Season

By Tyson Sweet
Percy Harvin
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When John Schneider and Pete Carroll made the trade for star WR Percy Harvin during the offseason last year, the city of Seattle became overwhelmed with excitement. Harvin came with the concern of becoming injured and some even still worried about his migraines, but the reward of Harvin’s game-changing ability was too good to pass up.

The Seattle Seahawks gained the explosive Harvin, but they gave up a first and seventh-round pick in 2013, as well as a third-round pick in 2014 to the Minnesota Vikings in order to get the dynamic playmaker. I recall thinking that the price was well worth it despite the fact that Harvin was coming off a significant hip injury.

Some of the joy was let out of the 12th Man when Harvin’s hip flared up before the season. Then it was deflated when he eventually did come back to face his old team, the Vikings, only to get hurt and have to miss more time because of soreness in his surgically repaired hip. Harvin did not return until the Seahawks faced the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Divisional playoff game, where he was soon knocked out due to a concussion. Harvin had to then miss the all-important NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers, and a lot of people declared the trade for Harvin  a bust for the Seahawks. Well, the Hawks defeated the Niners and then the Super Bowl happened.

Harvin, for the first time all season, showed why the Seahawks made a trade for him. He was dynamic; he was everything the Seahawks had hoped for in the moments of the game. When Harvin returned the opening kickoff in the second half for an 87-yard touchdown and ended any hope the Denver Broncos had of making a comeback, it became a clear reminder that a healthy Harvin is completely unstoppable.

You cannot formulate a game plan to stop Harvin. You can only hope to slow him down.

With the 2014 regular season just around the corner, we can now look back at Harvin’s first season in Seattle and see that there may have been a silver lining. Harvin had been playing banged up or hurt since college, with the hip injury being the most significant of them all. He was forced to nurse the injury during most of the NFL season last year. After the Super Bowl, he nursed it some more. By the time training camp came around, Harvin was ready to go. Now the regular season is upon us, and Harvin is feeling better than he has his entire NFL career. “Right now I’m feeling very, very good at where I’m at right now and I’m looking forward to the season,” said Harvin to the team website.

A healthy Harvin is scary news for opposing teams. The addition of rookie WR Paul Richardson makes the Seahawks’ offense even more dynamic, because those two are going to use their speed to stretch the field in every direction.

The Vikings won their trade because no matter how you look at it, Harvin was not going to work in Minnesota. The chemistry simply was not there. But the Seahawks can still win theirs as well. The Super Bowl may have been more than enough for most people last season, but Harvin still has a whole lot more to show for the Emerald City in the years ahead.

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