New York Jets Have Crisis On Their Hands With Defensive Secondary

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Talk about a nightmare unfolding right before the start of the regular season. Yet another member of the New York Jets defensive secondary has gone down due to injury. Cornerback Antonio Allen suffered a concussion in Week 3 of preseason football against the New York Giants. Due to this, Allen will miss a few weeks in addition to being entered into the NFL‘s concussion protocol program. This will very well prove that the Jets indeed have a crisis on their hands at defensive secondary that could have easily been avoided.

Throughout training camp and preseason football, the Jets have had a huge question mark when it came to their defensive backfield. They opted to not pursue top talent during free agency and it looks like it might come back to haunt them for not being proactive. With just a few weeks left before the start of the regular season, one can’t help but wonder if the Jets are now tremendously worried that they might have a huge weakness on the team that just got even worse.

Without a validated veteran, the Jets will look toward unknowns to help cover the corners in a league that is dominated by prolific passing attacks. The injury bug certainly hit the Jets hard as cornerback Dexter McDougle is out for the season due to an ACL injury, Dee Milliner is out for a few weeks due to an ankle sprain and Dimitri Patterson has been very limited in play due to a leg injury.

Considering everything, the Jets made a huge mistake in thinking that Patterson would be able to be as good as Antonio Cromartie or Darrelle Revis. The truth of the matter is he is always hurt and that’s been the story of his career. While it’s unfortunate that he’s out due to injury, the Jets surely knew what they were getting into when they signed him in the offseason. What’s even more sad is that they dropped the ball in getting Revis back when he clearly expressed interest in having a reunion with his original team.

Allen simply wasn’t the answer as he’s not even experienced enough to hold down the position as he’s played his entire career as a safety. He was just a band-aid the Jets thought might work as a cornerback and it backfired. The Jets thought that converting him overnight would work as a last-minute idea and now that option is gone at least for the time being. Hopefully they learned a valuable lesson that sometimes it’s best to go after tried-and-true talent rather than hope that rookies or journeymen can get the job done.

The Jets will learn the hard way that you can’t have a top defense in the league with sub-par talent. Especially at the cornerback position considering that now opponents that face the Jets will easily know where to point their crosshairs at.

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