Less QB Controversy In 2014, More Confidence For New York Jets' Geno Smith

By Vinny Lanni
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Last season, everyone was standing in line just to buy tickets to the New York Jets circus, as the media called it. Now, with Geno Smith the sole owner of the No. 1 quarterback position for the Jets, it may be time to call up customer service and ask for a refund.

There was craziness surrounding the Jets’ quarterback position following Mark Sanchez‘s injury last year, and the Jets turned to Smith to help fix their problems. Smith wasn’t terrible in 2013, but he played like a rookie and everyone was quick to chase him out of town; now, he’s the No. 1 guy.

The 2013 season is over and now in 2014, Smith will be better.

It won’t sound like much, but there is a certain confidence that is gained with the people you know. It’s hard walking into a room full of strangers and trying to make new friends. The same took place when Smith was thrown to the sharks and named the starting quarterback last year. I’m sure Smith was prepared for the opportunity to become the team’s starter, but he didn’t expect to be named the No. 1 quarterback with the situation that ensued. Smith didn’t have much time to learn and build chemistry with his teammates, but in 2014, he has has that opportunity.

If the Jets have any aspirations of making the playoffs, it all begins with No. 7 — no, I’m not talking about Michael Vick, who used to wear No. 7. This year, it’s all about Smith and his ability to learn this new Jets’ offense and grow with the players around him. Confidence is key with anything in life, and if the Jets have confidence in Smith, then I’m sure Smith has a lot more confidence in his game. Like I mentioned, Smith wasn’t the Jets’ No. 1 choice last season; it was Sanchez, but now the team is behind Smith and they will stand by him every step of the way.

Don’t expect for Smith to be on a a short leash either, like many fans expect him to. Vick, the backup to Smith, believes that the Jets are in win-now mode; let’s be honest, this team is in a rebuilding phase and it’s looking to get better year after year. If the Jets truly wanted to win now, they would’ve spent the extra $20+ million they have under the cap and Vick would be the starting quarterback for the team. The thing is, in the New York arena of sports, there is no such thing as a “rebuilding season,” so that is why fans always expect the most from their favorite teams.

Smith, it’s hard playing with high expectations and the constant nagging from the New York media, but it’s your time to shine. Confidence in yourself will go a long way in being a successful quarterback for the New York Jets. If you ever need any advice about confidence in yourself, go ask famous Jets quarterback Joe Namath.

Good luck, kid. The stage is yours.

Vinny Lanni is a New York Jets writer for RantSports.com.Follow him on Twitter or add him to your network on Google.

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