Seattle Seahawks Have No Space For Terrelle Pryor

By Eighty Six
Seattle Seahawks Terrelle Pryor
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In a way, it’s too bad the Seattle Seahawks have franchise quarterback Russell Wilson in place and Tarvaris Jackson as a solid backup. I’d enjoy the thrills and heartburn of watching Terrelle Pryor develop into a quality quarterback. It’s a shame there’s no room on the roster.

Personnel cuts are coming. Seattle must decide how many quarterbacks to keep. Pryor, who’s 10-for-22 with two interceptions, I think will be on the outside looking in. Sure, the 6-foot-6, 233-pound speedster scored on a 44-yard run this preseason and has freakish athletic potential, but that 53rd spot should belong to someone else.

Very deep at wide receiver, Seattle should keep Kevin Norwood instead. Or they should stay deep at defensive line by retaining Benson Mayowa. Or they could keep an insurance tackle like Garry Gilliam around. I don’t think three quarterbacks are necessary.

I like the reacquisition of Jackson. In his ninth year, he’s an experienced professional. He’s been with Pete Carroll before and knows his system. He’s not dynamic, but he’s reliable. If Seattle needs someone to replace Wilson, and Jackson gives them just what they need. Without the passing and scrambling of No. 3, the Seahawks should rely on running and defense to win games. Jackson will avoid turnovers and complete passes when necessary. I’d rather have him watching Wilson play just like me, but he can win football games for Seattle if needed.

Pryor, while being a good project, is not the guy who can step in an hold things together in Wilson’s absence. He’ll make some great plays, but he’ll make some mistakes. He’s been in the league one year longer than Wilson, so he’s in no way an heir to the starting job. Seattle is not in a position to be grooming the next quarterback, and that’s a good thing.

As a football fan, Pryor’s ability intrigues me and I’d like to see him get a chance to develop. What he needs is a team with a veteran that will need a young starter before long, like Aaron Rodgers following Brett Favre. Where should Pryor go?


Some time with the Denver Broncos playing behind Peyton Manning could be perfect. Manning won’t teach Pryor to run and he doesn’t need to learn that. He will teach him better mechanics, defense reading, pocket presence and eye discipline. Pryor will exit the experience a more polished thrower for certain.

Pryor gets one last chance to earn a spot against his old team the Oakland Raiders. It may work out, with Pryor knowing his opponents well and being motivated to prove something. Perhaps he’ll shine and show the Seahawks enough to retain him. Maybe they plan on keeping three quarterbacks and like Pryor more than BJ Daniels.

Regardless, it’s fun to watch him play, and I always like to see the Raiders get thrashed so I hope he goes nuts.

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