St. Louis Rams Should Not Call Tim Tebow Under Any Circumstance

By Timothy Downs
Getty Images

It didn’t take long after Sam Bradford was announced out for the season with a torn ACL for the media and fans alike to start speculating that the St. Louis Rams could possibly be targeting Tim Tebow, and apparently the Rams considered it last season after Bradford suffered the same injury according to Pro Football Talk.

It’s a great sentiment as Tebow is one of the most beloved players to ever step on an NFL field, but in reality, the move would be very foolish from a football standpoint. Tebow will never be a first option as a professional quarterback, and adding another backup into the mix with Austin Davis and Garrett Gilbert makes little to no sense.

The veteran Shaun Hill will be the starter until further notice, which is the smartest move. Hill knows the Rams’ system and has impressed at times during the preseason for St. Louis. Bringing in someone with a ton to learn in an impossibly-inadequate time frame is foolish at best.

Perhaps if the Rams are not completely happy with either Davis or Gilbert filling out the depth chart they could monitor which quarterbacks are available after the rest of the league finalizes their 53-man rosters, but for now, St. Louis will go with what they have.

The only call St. Louis should make to Tebow is one to ask him for prayers that Bradford will have a speedy recovery.

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