New York Jets QB Michael Vick Should Not Start Even If Geno Smith Fails

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Once you commit, you need to ride out your decision. This is the approach the New York Jets should take regarding their QB situation.

During the offseason, the Jets decided to create a competition between Geno Smith and Michael Vick for the starting QB job. Needless to say, it wasn’t a real competition when you take a deeper look. The Jets knew all along that Smith would be their guy. They brought Vick in to push him, but mainly as a proven insurance policy in case Smith got into a sophomore slump or went down to injury.

Vick should be commended for doing a great job from a public relations point of view since he’s been nothing but supportive of Smith despite not given a fair competition. It’s admirable that Vick changed his tune because when he first was acquired by the Jets, he was adamant on becoming a starter once again.

Smith has been particularly sharp and disciplined so far during preseason, but this is all meaningless football. When the games actually start to count and Smith is playing against high-quality athletes on a consistent basis, can he deliver?

If the Jets start the season 0-4 and Smith once again becomes a turnover machine, should the team make a change? Absolutely not.

The Jets need to stick with Smith no matter what. If they truly believe he is the franchise quarterback of the future, he needs to learn the hard way in order to become successful down the road. Vick has pretty much accepted a mentoring role to Smith, and should really just stick with it to continue his progress and development. Plenty of fans will be chanting Vick’s name the moment Smith throws his first interception, everyone must give their support to Smith whether he is leading the league in touchdowns or interceptions.

In the end, since the Jets pretty much made it clear that it was Smith’s job to lose, it’s only right to stick with him through thick and thin. Like any relationship, you will have good times and bad times. The most important thing is to take everything in stride and grow towards future happiness together.

If the Jets want to be happy for years to come, they need to let Smith mature with time under the watchful eye of Vick for as long as they have him.

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