ESPN Disappoints Many With Michael Sam Shower Coverage

By RantSports Staff


Michael Sam
USA Today Sports

ESPN loves Michael Sam. While he’s no doubt an NFL player who deserves a little extra coverage, the worldwide leader sometimes goes a bit overboard. That happened on Tuesday when Josina Anderson ‘reported’ on Sam’s showering habits. Yes, his showering habits.

Many, including Sam’s teammate Chris Long, felt this ‘reporting’ was flat out uncalled for.


While Sam is certainly worthy of an NFL roster spot (with the Rams or another team), it’s obvious to everyone that he only gets extended coverage because of his sexual orientation. It’s fine that he gets so much coverage, because he is a trail-blazing athlete, but you can file the reports on his showering status into the category of things that most people don’t want to hear about.

Most folks tuning into an episode of SportsCenter are looking for actual sports coverage, but that’s becoming more and more difficult as ESPN continues to turn into a 24/7 gossip/news network.

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