Indianapolis Colts Shouldn’t Go After Richie Incognito

By Chris Pimentel
Richie Incognito, Miami Dolphins
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Indianapolis Colts need help along the interior offensive line after Donald Thomas was lost for the season. Factor in that rookie Jack Mewhort is banged up along with Hugh Thorton, and one can see the Colts are becoming very thin along the offensive line. There is one name who has surfaced recently who the Colts could contract, though, and that’s Richie Incognito. This speculation surfaced after head coach Chuck Pagano didn’t dismiss the idea of bringing in Incognito to help the offensive line.

For those who don’t remember, Incognito was released from the Miami Dolphins last year after a bullying scandal that involved Jonathan Martin. After some of the details surfaced, a lot of people were shocked at what took place inside the locker room. For good reason, I might add, some of the comments that were made should not be accepted in any capacity. A lot of people wanted Incognito out of the league and the rest of the league has appeared to follow suit by not signing him in the offseason.

A good amount of people think that it has to do with the bullying scandal that took place last year and there is some truth to that. But it is not the main reason why teams haven’t signed him yet. NFL teams would sign Incognito in a heartbeat if they feel that he can help their team win football games. Let’s face it, football teams are not built with choirboys and sometimes a mean streak is necessary to win games and any PR group can spin this situation into taking a chance on a changed man.

The biggest reason why teams haven’t signed him is because they feel that he isn’t a good player. Now a lot can change over the course of the season and teams do get desperate with coaches wanting to keep their jobs. But as of right now, teams clearly feel that he can’t get the job done.

This is why I feel the Colts shouldn’t sign him even though they need help along the interior offensive line. The Colts could be patient with Mewhort’s injury and allow him to get healthy. Also, they can wait on Xavier Nixon, who looked decent at guard last year. Joe Reitz could also play guard at an effective level.

Finally, if they are looking for depth, there are going to be over a 1,000 players who are soon to be cut from NFL rosters who can fill the void and provide a higher upside than Incognito. The Colts shouldn’t sign Incognito because of playing ability, not because of his past.

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