Josh Gordon Year-Long Suspension Upheld; NFL Fails

By RantSports Staff
Josh Gordon
Getty Images

The NFL had a chance to totally redeem itself with Josh Gordon‘s suspension appeal after dropping the ball in the Ray Rice fiasco. Rice was given a two-game ban after a highly questionable domestic incident with his then fiancee, while Gordon was facing a year-long ban for a positive marijuana test, his second failed drug test of the last two seasons.

No one was saying that Gordon didn’t deserve to be suspended. The guy screwed up, and rules are rules. But just the fact that a guy who barely tested positive for THC in his system was facing 14 more games on the shelf than a guy who probably socked his girl in the face — got people a little upset.

Well, now those people are going to be very upset. The NFL has upheld Gordon’s year-long suspension. The Cleveland Browns top wide receiver is now gone for all of the regular season and training camp next summer.

This is a huge blow not only to the Browns, who were banking on last year’s receiving yards leader to be around for at least half of 2014, but it’s a huge blow to the NFL’s respectability. It’s hard to have any respect for a league that punishes alleged dope smokers more than alleged domestic abusers.

It doesn’t add up. Hopefully the Rice/Gordon bans, and specifically their night and day nature, will open Roger Goodell‘s eyes. There are rumors that the NFL is considering longer bans for domestic violence cases, which is clearly something that’s long overdue at this point.

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